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Posted: June 6th
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This is my dad. I don’t have very many pictures of him, but I thought I should post one today, since everyone is sharing all these great things about their dads.
The saddest thing about it all, is I lose a little bit more every day. The stories become muddled, and the memories get foggier. But I tell you a few things about him.
He was an incredibly proud man. He was strong, and brave, and he would do anything to take care of his family. He was hilarious, and could make me laugh like no one else, if only because his laugh was so infectious. He led a rough life. He walked with a limp, and he was missing a kneecap. He was always proud of me, and supported my choices, no matter how crazy they were. He had faith in me. He taught me so many things, that I won’t be able to forget, because they are part of who I am. He made me. He was my daddy and I miss him every day.